I’m a graphics programmer who recently graduated from Waterloo. In the last couple of months, I figured I should take a break from school and teach myself something useful, so I created the prototype game Marlin.

I’m interested in graphics, animation, procedural creation, and interactivity. I’m currently looking for a programming job in games or animation. I currently live in Ontario, Canada, but am willing to move to an interesting job.
I enjoy juggling things that roll, fall, or are shiny. I enjoy fencing or playing go against people who are better at it than me. I enjoy reading stuff by Isaac Asimov, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and Kazu Kibuishi. I like to see movies and videogames that push boundaries in graphics, art or storytelling, or try to communicate something worthwhile – but I’ve also had a lot of fun with games and movies that are about running around shooting things.

I’m also a Christian who is pretty irritated by the sheer cheesiness of most attempts to portray Christianity in the media. If I was in a pretentious mood, and was clever like Jason Rohrer, I would try to make a videogame on the subject.

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