• Production experience in Renderman, Houdini, Maya and MentalRay with shaders, plugins and scripting
  • Strong grasp of mathematical foundations of computer graphics, in areas such as BRDFs, splines, and wavelets
  • Experience with real time graphics and GPU programming in personal projects
  • Fluent with C/C++, Python, RSL, shell scripting, rib files
  • Good understanding of scanline and raytracing 3D graphics pipelines, shading calculations, lighting, procedural texturing and compositing
  • Enjoy working closely with artists to find technical solutions to artistic requirements


Dr. D

Shader Writer, Happy Feet 2: 2010 – 2011

  • Built Happy Feet 2 surfacing pipeline for Houdini -> Renderman together with two other shader writers
  • Worked closely with surfacers to develop customized solutions for assets which demanded complicated visual effects
  • Used techniques such as point based illumination and refraction, relief mapping, ray-tracing implicit surfaces
  • Managed and supported shading issues occurring between Surfacing, Lighting, FX and Rendering

Software Developer, RnD: 2009 – 2010

  • Virtual camera control using custom input devices
  • Houdini plugins for dealing with a custom geometry format
  • Inertial camera tracking for on set previs

Marlin – personal project

  • Prototype game to practice modern realtime graphics techniques
  • Unique style which uses only procedural geometry and textures and allows realtime ambient occlusion and soft shadows
  • I adapted this work as the 40 kilobyte intro “Atomfall” which won the new school intro comp at the Flashback demoparty
  • Video available at

DKP/IDTe/Starz Animation Toronto – co-op placements

May-Aug 2005, Jan-Aug 2006, May-Aug 2007

  • Working closely with two other programmers and an artist, developed hair system used by feature film Everyone’s Hero
  • Included Maya and MentalRay components for grooming and shading
  • Lighting TD during later stages of production on Everyone’s Hero, resolving technical issues for lighters
  • Worked on prototype post-process lighting system – did research and early development on adding post-process shadowing based on either precomputed radiance transfer or the depth buffer


University of Waterloo – Bachelor of Mathematics, Honours Computer Science


  • Graduated With Distinction, on the Dean’s Honours List
  • Took courses focusing on computer graphics and math, with courses such as an introduction to wavelets, a statistics course in computational inference, and a graduate course in splines
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